The Roscoe Township Historical Society, Inc., is dedicated to the study and dissemination of Roscoe Township history, through educational programs, research, archeological projects, preservation advocacy, along with the collection and preservation of fine arts, decorative arts, archeological objects, printed and manuscript materials and maps, costumes and weaponry, and historic artifacts related to the heritage of Roscoe Township, Ill. The purposes of the Society are: (1) to collect and preserve artifacts, objects, publications, photographs and other documentary materials related to local, ethnic and family history; prior to and after settlement of non-indigenous people: (2) to disseminate information about the history of the community through exhibits, educational programs and publications based on the Society’s collections; (3) to maintain a research library of past and current literature on the history of the community; and (4) to encourage the preservation of the archeological, historical, and architectural heritage of Roscoe Township.